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tv   [untitled]    February 1, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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covering the protests by pushing its own agenda and shaping stories in terms of american foreign policy they know the show from our washington studio is on the way . welcome the alone a show of the real headlines with none of the mersey working live out of washington d.c. today we are continuing our coverage on protests in egypt as president mubarak has stated that he will not seek another term as president or discuss the future of the country and how the mainstream media is covering the political unrest next the new
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york times seems to be breaking up with wiki leaks now while the two seem to start off having the same interest of mine the times has made a few very shocking moves that show that they're not representing the with the leaks so we'll have more on the changes and we'll speak with kevin zeese about whose legacy will be her most but all introduce you to one person who's in favor of at this a catholic dictatorship even though most people i consider this religion a little archaic one calculate claims that a dictatorship is the answer to the problems of democracy so we'll get his unique take on his proposed government and the super bowl is just days away but it's football fans while football fans are celebrating there are some major n.f.l. negotiations in the works we'll have details on them and what it could mean for players owners fans and america's favorite past time that's at the end of the show but now let's move on to our top story. today protests in egypt continue not only
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that they grew as a million man march was called for some of these organizations are estimating that as many as two million people took to the streets then just about two hours ago came to begin now. when from egypt's president hosni mubarak no he's not stepping down immediately leaving the country he's stepping down when the next elections come around by not running for reelection so let's just say that this has in no way called the protests they're staying out on the street third chanting really if anything the political future for egypt looks even more predictable now now despite the developments over the last week the u.s. government's still can't seem to get their message straight. are a bit strange and so for has handled this tense situation pretty well it is not about taking sides what side is the u.s. on mubarak or the people in the streets well there's another choice it's the egyptian people will be trying to force. this is not about taking sides we are on
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the side as we have been for more than thirty years a democratic egypt was a dictator to implement democratic measure of their thirty years in power is that i would not refer to as a victim the need to make go of mubarak they need to side with their people more has been an ally of ours is a real mistake to believe that we can toss aside a long term egypt as an ally and friend of the united states it's an anchor of stability in the middle east i believe it is vital for prose or mubarak to help to transform this moment and to. make clear that neither he nor his. will be candidates for reelection or for election in the next election also been clear that there must be reform political social and economic reforms that meet the aspirations of the egyptian people clear
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aspirations of the egyptian people and take meaningful steps towards political economic and social reforms in the absence of these reforms grievances have built up over time is not for us to determine. when the grievances of you gyptian people have been met by the egyptian government united states will continue to stand up for the rights of the egyptian people what would you say to president of egypt now if you are talking to him but it would give him that i would send him. to remove that you know all about the thing him be the president to address that and then let them vote. to let the people of egypt. so what happens when there's no clear line of thinking from the white house well the media of course takes over and boy has it been a spectacle especially watching fox news all the other cable networks like c.n.n.
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and us embassy have been taking we perhaps even too idealistic route on the revolution brought on by the people of egypt fox has decided that the world is coming to an end and the muslim brotherhood is taking over. they are job is who hate america and who will help al qaeda all day long the muslim brotherhood is armed and every terrorist organization in the middle east is now going to go in and offer them support because they want to create that new theocracy to really become like the mothership for jihad is throughout the middle east. so i guess the way that the american people are seeing egypt's revolution depends entirely on what channel they're watching now earlier today i caught up with anika berrien of the young turks and i first asked her if she herself. mark the difference in the coverage especially when talking about the cable networks. yeah i mean of course there's a huge difference if you watch glenn beck and you watch i don't know ali well she
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as i did today on c.n.n. and you see a huge difference for instance glenn beck will talk about how this is the muslim takeover of egypt we all need to worry about it there are frenemies they're going to come kill us all i mean he totally exaggerates and spreads this false information and then you listen to c.n.n. and they have a much fairer and more balanced approach to the story they talk about what's really going on they talk about you know the disparity between the wealthy and the poor in egypt they talk about the social injustices in egypt they talk about the fact that the people of egypt are really pushing for democracy and you know another thing that glenn beck was talking about is he was drawing parallels between the revolution in iran and the protests that are happening in egypt right now and there are two completely different animals you can't really compare the two they're completely different with iran what they did is they approved the
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constitution right after the revolution that is not what egypt wants egypt wants a democracy they want freedom but you know one thing i have to say is that often we criticize the mainstream media in the u.s. for perhaps not covering international events you know and instead just staying away from them here they're definitely on top of it at least when it comes to egypt maybe they aren't necessarily covering what's going on in yemen or jordan they're on the egypt line here but i mean it's definitely do you still see that everyone is shaping this story to whatever their ideological line of thinking here is in terms of domestic u.s. politics in america's foreign policy. i see that was fox news honestly i've been keeping an eye on the mainstream. especially the cable news networks and you know when it comes to pushing they're using this story to push their own agenda i really notice it with fox news i mean it's really interesting because let's focus on glenn beck for a second glenn beck is
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a self proposed anti-government revolutionary right while the protests in egypt right now are very anti-government they want to democracy they want to be represented isn't it a little ironic that glenn beck is against shouldn't he be for a protest that's anti-government but no instead fox news has all of these islamophobia commentators like brigitte gabriel gabriel and michael scherer coming on there and spewing their anti muslim beliefs it's ridiculous so yeah i definitely see. using the story to push an agenda on fox news and a lot of people have been saying that this is really al-jazeera is moment to shine right here with the coverage of the event starting with tunisia now moving on to egypt do you think that really you know this highlights the need for alternative sources of news especially when it comes to international politics in america. yes absolutely i mean i can't i can't think of anything i believe in more ok we need
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alternative media i consider our two year old alternative media i consider the young turks alternative media media that isn't trying to push an agenda i just want to we just want to give people the facts and let them judge for themselves and i think that's extremely important because there's so much misinformation on the cable news networks right now people need to be know told the truth and people need to decide for themselves what they think about the news and i was really shocked to find out you know living here in washington d.c. you get every international news channel that's just how it is and i didn't realize that it was so different that al-jazeera in fact is only in in two markets you know in all of the u.s. so let's say that people in middle america people in the south started getting the channel do you think that they would accept then they would accept it as an objective news organization. someone they can really give them the on the ground report. i mean that's hard to say right now in the united states people consider fox news fair and balanced so if people are that misinformed to think that fox news
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is the right place to go to to get the news and by the way it's the most watched network which i think says very bad things about our country but you know if people believe in fox news and fox news pushes against al-jazeera i think it would be difficult for al-jazeera to survive in you know u.s. markets are animal thank you very much for joining us and of course we're going to keep covering the protests in egypt as they continue as they continue on you know almost for eight days now and of course hosni mubarak did say today that he will step down only when it comes to the next elections so we'll see about that thanks. all right thank you ilana. so let's get back to egypt's future with mubarak announcing that he will not run for reelection all the people let him stay for a few months or will the protests persist and will the u.s. still be lost on which side to take what you when we discuss it is dr stephen zunes professor of politics and international studies at the university of san francisco
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stephen thanks so much for joining us now let's first talk about some of the developments that have happened today so hosni mubarak did come out make a statement say that he's not going to run for reelection but that he's not going to step down right now is he just the most stubborn man on the planet we what does he think was really going to happen here. seriously in denial of the fun there is there is like i mean it's pretty obvious days ago there's no way he was going to seek reelection no way his son was going to. and that was a given already so this is this is hardly new so disappointing that this was a message that this is the only message the obama administration could give them that we won't support your reelection. it's clearly not going to satisfy the if people in the streets you know what president obama is supposed to make a statement tonight at six thirty so we'll be waiting to see what he has to say but in the meantime let's talk about some of the key players to replace mubarak if it
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does happen you know in the next couple days next couple weeks a lot of attention has been paid to mohamed el baradei who hasn't been in the country for forty years so do you think that egyptians you know that we have the muslim brotherhood and some other opposition groups throwing their weight behind him for the time being but do you think that a lot of egyptians really trust this man really feel like he represents their needs and their causes. well at this point i think they want just about anybody who is not affiliated with the current regime he's i think. as an interim. leader you know leading to oversee the process for a free and general election. and the fact that he's not with identify with any one particular section one probably found of situations as you have the degree of was this group jockeying against each other to get there and in that place and he has the advantage of that fact he was out of the country so long that he doesn't have
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a clear affiliation to anyone political group so so you so i understand the concerns and doubts about him but as an as an. transition figure he might it just might work now how do you think the reports of a saying that the obama administration really is scrambling here to try to figure out how bard i might just fit in with their foreign policy i mean this is a man who has praised rock obama in the past as you know also a fellow nobel prize winner he also opposed the war in iraq but then he's taken a very clear stance when it comes to israel when it comes to gaza so how does how should the obama administration approach him as perhaps a good western friend i think have we lost even their. i i think we have we've lost even unfortunately we'll see if we can connect back with them later on in the program but now we'll take a break coming up the new york times has had a very quick change of heart when it comes to joining us sought so
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a look at why the sudden about face of kevin zeese to discuss how it might affect the newspaper's traffic. for the full story we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. would be soon which brightened if you knew about a song from phones to the christian. stance on t.v. don't. the new
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york times they first gladly published information obtained by wiki leaks last year well story after story using the classified warlocks but now it seems as if the times has had a change of heart and rather than continuing to support joining us on his organization they've turned their backs on them and published a tell all book r.t. is very important i has the story. it was a love story in the making i don't live in new york times for running the story i know magic are strongly in with classified u.s. documents and american newspaper with the power to print that in june of last year i got a fairly mysterious phone call from the editor in chief of the guardian newspaper in london asking if we were interested in partaking in a vast trove of secret u.s. documents the new york times and julian a songe developed a relationship all other u.s. mainstream media outlets envied wiki leaks wiki leaks wiki leaks wiki leaks wiki
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leaks the new york times first introduced readers to the popular whistleblower website in june publishing classified u.s. war logs posted on wiki leaks in the midst of declining readership and a shrinking budget a songe was a blessing for the times. the paper has printed two hundred stories on a songe more than five hundred wiki leaks articles detailing shocking field reports of u.s. operations in afghanistan chaos and illegal activity behind the iraq war and embarrassing diplomatic tactics used by the u.s. state department but like many passionate romances he told us he wouldn't sleep in one place more than one night if he had to the gray lady has kicked the blonde out of bed and is now selling juicy details of a six month affair for just under six bucks mitchell impressions of julian assange you know send up some red flags i did you know book called open secrets wiki leaks war and them. in diplomacy in addition to releasing the full video from the
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helicopter cockpit they released an edited version that had been turned into a kind of a piece of heavy war propaganda a new york times employees describe a songe as a source not a partner or collaborator a man who acted like a fugitive conspiratorial and contemptuous of the u.s. government it seems to me exteriorly opportunists to take the information to deal with the guy to use the information and then to say well he's more of a villain or man on the loose or on the run when in fact they're using his information and trying to disparage his character at the same time the timing may not be a coincidence the u.s. justice department is conducting a criminal investigation into wiki leaks reportedly looking into the espionage act to prosecute a songe government official say publishing secret documents from the pentagon and state department created a national security risk controversy
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a wiki leaks founder is whole wiki leaks flat wiki leaks scandal but even mainstream media echoing the government's criticism talk much less about lindsey britney and charlie sheen when wiki leaks wax the world with a new load of secrets surrounding government corruption or to put different good songe in an interview with sixty minutes says it's about giving people information they need if you are a whistleblower and you have a material that is important we will accept and we will defend you and we will publish it you can't turn away material simply because it comes from nine states yet ironically our first amendment powerhouse within the united states is turning its back on a man utilizing free speech to garner government accountability and transparency they have a vested interest in new york times in making julian or sanjeev to be something that the public cannot rely on because once the rest. speaking and going to wiki
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leaks to get our information we begin by passing the new york times in the new york times loses more and more business and eventually it disappears in this case the new york times has gone from writing about the story to making itself a part of the story and now it's up to readers and viewers to decide if the newspaper in this narrative is a protagonist and hero or just a slimy heartthrob that seduced a source reap the rewards and then. marina for niamh r.t. new york. so what do you make about this about face on the new york times and who her more learned a songe or the new york times legacy joining me to discuss is kevin zeese executive director and co-founder of voters for peace kevin thanks for joining us today now what it's really what do you make of this tell all on the signs coming from the new york times how would you characterize it as as as it sleazy as a backstabbing as
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a vicious or i don't know is it just me know the way the game works don't it into a passionate affair with the new york times that's for sure they'll kiss and tell it seems like i mean the new york times has a close relationship with the u.s. security state for a long time in the buildup to the iraq war they printed pressure elise's about false weapons of mass destruction that got us into war so they're not a very trustworthy partner for his own wants transparency in government so this is a relationship that was always going to be a difficult one i don't think the new york times today would print the pentagon papers in fact at various congresses new york times executive said that so i don't it is a relationship that was made in heaven i think was a really ship that served both for a short time i hope that we can find other outlets for this information as a new york times has not been publishing them completely or accurately or honestly that are very reliably when we print the stuff but what do you think could have been some of the motivating factors for this specific piece. songes character i mean did they know that that's. something that would also sell you know help them
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make a little money. could be that i suspect that the ever every document they released that was published by wiki leaks they reviewed with the state department so they're in very much close contact with the united states government i suspect as we more about that in the future i hope that there's a wiki leaks leak or a whistleblower in new york times we can find out the real story is some day because my suspicion is they're working with the government to downgrade a songe and the government is trying to prosecute and we've been unable to do so so far they've got corporations that work with them to stop payments now the game to me that works with them to downgrade his personality that's that's really what's going on here do you think that the situation will be any different if julian assigns were an american citizen and not an australian national i think that's pretty irrelevant the real issue is julius on stands for transparency the new york times stands for reporting within the confines what the u.s. government allows that's the real difference and that's why the papers like the
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york times and other corporate media outlets are losing subscribers the peak readership for newspapers is one nine hundred eighty four it's been going down every year since. people like join us and these new media outlets the altera media are picking up the web is becoming a new source of media the government is trying to copy that but unless they start to clean their act up and become independent of the government start report the news there will continue to lose lose readers we need to know the truth we don't need to hear propaganda press releases from the folks from the federal government well since you mentioned a drop in readership discussing the fact of the new york times about it's a two edged paywall after their online content to think about is actually going to work because you know other other publishing publications have tried this but the new york times arguably is the largest want to test out this myth that there's no question york times will be the largest tested out rolls out there unless they begin to really report news. and not report government propaganda it's not going to
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work people are tired of hearing government stories through the lens of the new york times that's not going to good enough for most readers so it's really going to be a continent where that succeeds or not they need a strong content if they do that they can survive if not they're going to they're going to be history in the future but i can't i mean to me i guess the most shocking thing is that we've discussed that not only the new york times but a lot of american media for the most part has turned their back on waking leaks and yet they keep printing stories using information that was leaked from them and i just in some ways seems wrong i met the cultivator these things never pop into these writers heads. that's unethical but what bothers me more is focused on julian assigns rather than on what's coming out in the documents he said in a tens of thousands and even fact more than one hundred thousand deaths that were never report the story about the u.s. looking the other way when our got one government we put in power torture civilians he some of us doing and being involved including time with regimes like the one of
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us in the dictatorships of the middle east he's talking about all these essential turning us what looks like a rogue nation rather than a superpower these truths to be discussed and debated united states during this songe where the smells are not which is one of these they talked about the new york times articles where these that he did sorry did take a shower and give me a break we don't want to give out that what you will why the united states is right being spying threatening and torturing and killing civilians that's we want to hear about you want to form that works not this ongoing miss and resign as we now know more than any newspapers don't united states in decades and i think that's that we should be appreciating and supporting open america wiki leaks is democracy dot org and work to prevent his indictment work to invent and prevent him from being brought here to be driving now you know one of the things that i think a lot of people want to know about is of the treatment of bradley manning and you and i have spoken about him many times here and last week you know we saw a lot of developments in the story we saw the visitors david house and jane hamsher
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who were turned. away from quantico you know we saw the department of defense seemingly unable to really come up with a clear message as to why they've been holding him in solitary confinement on suicide watch and then we saw a piece from mcclatchy that was claiming that there had been reports that manning had behavioral emotional problems before being sent to iraq and that commanders had actually just completely ignored the fact that he had thrown chairs of people and some up there were speculating whether this was a mere campaign to make it seem like bradley manning was crazy before being held in solitary confinement under suicide watch now what's your take on that we begin a lot of progress in the bradley manning support network or network at bradley manning dot org we made a lot of progress in getting our message out and the visit ever by the military responded that i'm very hopeful that now that we've replaced the commander of the quantico brig with a new commander that there's will be a change in his status we hope he gets downgraded medium we're giving her time to evaluate the case but this thursday we're doing a national call and
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a barely million dollar or to the white house so that the commander in chief knows he is responsible for what the marines are doing to bradley manning this kind of pretrial punishment is not acceptable it's not not legal pretrial confinement fine there's no reason for bradley manning to be treated worse than people have been convicted of crimes so we will join urge president obama to take a look at this case and take responsibility by going to bradley manning there already and getting involved our kevin i thank you very much for joining us on of course the range of issues related to wiki leaks thanks so much thank you very much . now the conservative political action conference you want to see pac they're holding their annual event this month here in washington d.c. and they're giving out their defender of the constitution award and guess who is getting it former defense secretary donald rumsfeld now i know i mentioned this on last night's program i asked if they were freaking serious but it just makes me so angry that i had to bring it up again. conservatives are actually going to
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celebrate and author rose fels actions while he served in george w. bush's cabinet i mean hello this man oversaw the invasions of iraq and afghanistan until being replaced in two thousand and six after several generals called for his replacement and one day after the g.o.p. lost control of the senate and house midterm elections yes let's honor a man who got how many soldiers killed with his mismanagement of two wars in iraq more than twenty nine hundred died on his watch amount about three hundred fifty in afghanistan you know it's really truly hard to see rumsfeld as a defender of the constitution back in two thousand and five he was sued by the a.c.l.u. for authorizing the torture and abuse of detainees at facilities in iraq and afghanistan and the a.c.l.u. claim that the constitution prohibits the secretary of defense from adopting or promoting policies of cruelty against civilians in u.s. military custody or rumsfeld so that he could legally be liable for that torture
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now that lawsuit was eventually dismissed but at least there was a lawsuit there let's go back to the point here that a man who okayed torture is now being given an award from c pac for defending the constitution i think that that says a lot about the conservative movement in this country damn the constitution when it comes to war but wrap yourself up in it when it comes to giving everyone health care where to go see now still to come on tonight's program our tool time segment calls out john bolton for fear mongering using egypt to fearmonger over wrong yet again and should the u.s. be ruled with a dictatorship speak the man who thinks of that's the way of the future for america .
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hello again this is r.c. the headlines. ok ok ok let me love your just a. huge crowds in cairo call for president hosni mubarak to quit and denounce the thirty years of martial law the embattled egyptian leader has yielded to pressure after a week to widespread unrest and was seek re-election september but protesters want him out of much sooner. russia remembers its first post soviet president eighty years after his by boris yeltsin drove huge challenges of the fall of the communism but his legacy is a divisive one in the country today. and a russian diplomat has been ordered out of line and after accusations moskos intelligence services made him take irish close calls for spying they irish department of foreign affairs says six irish nationals identities were used to
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create false documents for russian agents expire.


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